Change is in the Air: A New Look for NTS!

by Ashley Solomon

Given my recent post about the importance of change, I’d like to introduce a new look for Nourishing the Soul.  Even two-month-olds could use an update, right? Actually, this “new” image has been my plan all along. Harping on the importance of a healthy identity, I’ve wanted this site and its look to express its own. My husband, Justin, graciously designed the logo you see above in order to capture the feel I want this blog to have. The symbol on the logo is a fairly close approximation of the tattoo I referenced in the blog’s introduction, and so it has special meaning to me. Besides actually meaning “nourish your soul”, it represents hope, self-confidence, and the power of support. The words (body/mind/spirit) are a reminder that health and wellness transcend eating a certain way or doing certain routines. Nourishment of the body, mind, and spirit, are interconnected – we can’t be healthy without all three being in balance. I hope that Nourishing the Soul’s look demonstrates balance, strength, inclusion, and individuality – all qualities that I hope to inspire in its readers.


3 Comments to “Change is in the Air: A New Look for NTS!”

  1. Not to mention that on LaSalle’s crest is “Corpus, Mens, Anima,” which of course you know is Latin for mind, body, spirit.

  2. Love the Logo. You and Justin work so well together.

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