Ideas to Consider


From Nourishing the Soul

Abandoning Our Stories

Running Lessons

Release (on forgiveness)

A Father’s Role in Developing a Healthy Self-Image

Body Acceptance and Change: Are They Mutually Exclusive?

From Other Bloggers

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From Crazy Sexy Life :: Tips for a Better Life (by SARK, my favorite!)

From The Responsibility Project :: My Patient, Myself

From Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? :: My Lunchtime Trip to a Weight Watchers Meeting

From Girls Just Want to Have Fund$ :: 7 Savvy Ways To Be a Financial Asset in Your Relationship

From Oh She Glows :: Happy Weights

From Life After Recovery :: Wrestling With Stigma

From Medicinal Marzipan :: What IF: I Took Myself Seriously as a Writer?

From Girls on the Run :: Set ‘Em Free

From Crazy Sexy Life :: Drinking: Enhancing or Hindering Your Life’s Potential?

From Crazy Sexy Life :: Cutting Your Water Use in Half

From Hangry Pants :: Cultivate the Opposite

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